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My amplified unit works fine but, why is the slave unit not playing?

Check the Fuse
First make sure that the slave output fuse is installed and not blown. If blown replace the fuse with one of the same value and retest slave unit. If the fuse blows again, disconnect and check the slave unit.

Checking the Wiring
Determine whether or not the Amplified Bazooka slave output wires are working properly. This can be tested by connecting the slave output wires to a speaker that you know is functional

With the Amplified Bazooka playing, place the slave output wires; Brown (+) and Yellow (-); on the terminals of the test speaker. If the test speaker plays, the wiring is not the problem. Check the slave unit. If the test speaker does not play, the problem may be in the wire harness

To test the wire harness you need an ohm meter or some type of continuity checking device. Using your meter, check the "slave" output wires for continuity between the plug end and the loose end of each wire. If there is no continuity on one of the "slave" output wires, a faulty wire or connection in the harness or the in-line fuse holder is the problem. If this problem can't be corrected, contact SAS Customer Service for a replacement.

If the test speaker will not play and the wire harness checks out, then the problem is in the amplifier and it should be returned for service.

Check the Bazooka Slave Unit
If the test speaker plays when connected to the Amplified Bazooka Slave Outputs, and the Slave unit will not, then the problem in the slave unit. This could be caused by a bad terminal cup, a connection between the terminal cup and the woofer or something in the woofer itself. You can return the unit for service or if you feel up to it, remove the woofer and check the internal connections, using the following instructions.

Checking the enclosure connections
To check the possibility that one of the wires inside the slave unit may have come loose, you will need a #2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the speaker from the Bass Tubes enclosure.

Be careful not to damage the speaker or it's gasket while removing the speaker from the Bass Tubes enclosure.

Once you have removed the speaker check the connections at the terminal cup and at the woofer to make sure they are in place.

If you find a terminal that is not connected, reconnect it and make sure that it has a tight fit.

Reinstall the woofer and check the unit again, it should play properly.

If the wiring appears to be in good order and the slave unit will not play, it is possible that the problem lies in the speaker itself. Should this prove to be the case the unit needs to be returned for service.

Contact the SAS Bazooka Customer Service Department at (800) THE-TUBE for a return authorization.

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