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My Amplified Bazooka is shutting off at low volume levels.
This is usually a problem related to the Auto Turn-On feature. When the source unit's volume is turned down, thevolume level will sometimes drop below the On Threshold of the Auto Turn-On circuit. For this reason we list theAuto Turn-on as the last option when installing an Amplified Bazooka.

The best way to eliminate this situation is to place the Auto Turn-On Jumper in the Off position. Then run a remote wire from the Auto Antenna or Remote Out of your source unit to the Orange Wire on the Amplified Bazooka. If your source unit does not have a Remote Output then you want to find an Ignition or Accessory source from the fuse block. It is always best to use the SAS On/Off Switch to control your Amplified Bazooka. Information about all Remote Turn-On options is listed under Amplified Bazooka Installation and Wiring.

If you do not have an SAS On/Off Switch, they are available from most SAS Authorized Dealers or you can order one direct from SAS. Contact the SAS Customer Service Department at (800) THE-TUBE to place an order.

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