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My Amplified Bazooka comes on but no sound is produced.
Check all of your connections to confirm they have been properly made.

You should have 12 Volts at both the amp power wire and the remote turn-on wire. If both of these wires havepower, the power LED should be illuminated. If it is not illuminated or it is dim, you may have a problem with yourground wire. Check for good Ground Connection.

If all power path connections check out, it is time to confirm that you have signal at the amplified Bazookainputs. This can be done with a pair of head phones (be careful not to turn up the volume on your source unit withthe head phones on!). If you have no signal coming from the source unit, this may indicate a short in the wiring atsome point between the amp and the source unit.

If you have signal at the inputs, there are three possibilities left.

1.The internal connection between the woofer and the amplifier is disconnected.
2.The woofer is dead.
3.The amplifier is not functioning properly.

The first two of these problems can be checked quickly if you have a known working speaker handy. Connect the
optional high level output wires to a working test speaker. If the speaker plays the amp is functional and internal
woofer or wiring is the problem.

If the problem is a wire connection, it can be reconnected and the unit will function properly.

If the problem is the woofer or the amplifier, the unit needs to be returned to SAS for service.

Contact SAS Customer Service at 1-800-THE-TUBE for a return authorization.

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