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How do you remove the Power/Ground plug from an Amplified Bazooka?

The housing is the secret to this puzzle. It may look or feel impossible, but it's really quite easy once you know the trick!

The main thing to remember is DO NOT PULL ON THE POWER AND GROUND WIRES.

The trick to removing the 2-pin power plug is to avoid pulling on the power wires. Instead pull out on the BLACK plastic plug housing only. As the plug housing slides back it releases 2 tabs inside and the plug that lock into the terminals on the amplifier. If you do not release these tabs before pulling on the wires the plug will not come off!

Hold onto the housing with your thumb and fore finger, while putting a slight inward pressure on the power and ground wires with your other hand, put the housing away from the amp and the power plug will pull free. You may find that slightly wiggling the housing back and forth as you pull will help, but with a little practice it becomes very easy to remove.

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