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What is the best location for my Bazooka?

Bazooka Placement

Locate an area in the rear of the vehicle where you would like to place the Bazooka® subwoofer systems. The location you have selected must meet the following requirements in order for the Bazooka® to deliver the best performance in your vehicle.

  • The woofer (grill end) should be facing into a corner. The rear of your vehicle should be considered one big corner. Facing rear usually produces the best results and is preferable to facing sideways. Sideways in the rear of the vehicle works well but SAS never recommends facing the woofer in the direction of the listener as this usually delivers poor quality output.

  • Ideally, there should be 2 to 4 inches between the woofer and the corner it is pointing into for best results. However if your selected placement is not exactly within these parameters, it is not critical.

  • The mounting area should be carefully checked to be sure that the mounting screws will not damage the gas tank, electrical wiring, fuel lines or the spare tire during the mounting process. (This requires a visual search of the underside of the vehicle where the Bass Tube enclosure is to be mounted)

  • The strap mounting bases should be screwed securely to a rigid surface that is part of, or anchored to, the structure of the vehicle. Be sure that you application meets all of these requirements
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