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When using multiple Bazooka®'s, what is the best way to configure my Bass Tubes® enclosure?

Multiple Bazooka® Placement

There are 3 things to remember when using multiple Bazooka® subwoofers.
  • Face all woofers to the rear of the vehicle.

  • Align all woofers on the same plane.

  • Position the woofers at a distance from the rear that sounds good to you.
Rear Entry?
When using two or more Bazooka® subwoofers it is ideal to position them so that all woofers face to the rear of the vehicle. This almost always yields the best results in output.

If space is not available to position the woofers to the rear or it is not desirable due to cosmetic considerations, you may choose to direct the woofers into the side panels of the vehicle. This placement will result in a minor loss in output, which may or may not be audible, depending on your application.

You should never place a Bazooka® so that the woofer faces in the direction of the front of the vehicle. This will cause the output in the bass region to suffer greatly and therefore is never recommended by SAS.

A Virtual Wall of Sound!
To maintain the most output efficiency and achieve the most desirable sound quality, an effort should be made to keep the output ends of all Bass Tube enclosures aligned, so that the woofers are all on the same plane. This assure that the woofers work together and form a team that acts as a single large diaphragm. When Bazooka® subwoofers couple in this fashion, standing waves are minimized and phase alignment is easily maintained. This alignment will yield higher sound pressure levels in your vehicle, think of the possibilities!

Do You Hear What I Hear?
The type of bass response that you get from your system can be adjusted or tuned, simply by changing the position of the Bass Tube enclosure. In general, as you move the woofer end of the Bazooka® subwoofer closer to a rigid non-porous surface at the rear of your vehicle, the bass will get tighter and more accurate. As you move the woofer away from that surface the bass will open up and sound more boomy.

SAS has always recommended placement of 2 to 4 inches from a non-porous loading surface as a rule of thumb. Although this typically works best, you should not be alarmed if the sound you desire falls somewhere outside these guidelines.

Physical Challenge?
By using these three simple principles as a foundation you can build just about any type of system from mild to WILD utilizing multiple Bazooka® subwoofers.

As of 2/2/96 the highest officially measured SPL in a sanctioned Sound-Off Competition using multiple Bazooka® subwoofers is 152.3 dB by Ajay Maisuria of Class A Communications of London, England.

His system has 21 T82's and 700 watts of total system power, that's RIGHT only 700! All this in a Nissan van that is used daily as a fully functional delivery vehicle for his store, but on the weekends it hits the Sound-Off Circuit and wins! Last year 2nd in Nationals, this year…who Knows!

Now That's Efficiency!

Update 9/30/96; Ajay and his crew changed a few things around in their van. The current system is running only 300 watts of power on the Bazooka speakers and the official SPL was recorded in competition @ 152.3 dB.

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